Truffles and wine for gastronomes!

Truffles and wine for gastronomes!

During this course you will discover the fascinating world of truffles, truffle growing and truffle ecosystems. You will taste and savour up to seven truffle species. There is a world of differences between the Alba Truffle, the Winter Black Truffles, the Burgundy Truffle and,….. each with its own season, which means that you can enjoy truffles from January till December!

The course is given by Claire Martin de Foresta, a truffle specialist and passionate, who hunts the truffles herself with her favourite dog.

She will show you how to cook and sublimate the truffles and we will pair these mysterious jewels with wonderful wines.

This course includes a cookery demonstration, a wine stating pairing plus lunch or dinner. You will take home all the information, checklists, recipes and tasting notes you will need to enjoy your future truffles!


For further information please refer to Claire’s website  www.

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